East Bay Job Developers is a web resource and consulting service for job seekers and employers in the East Bay.  Our mission is to ensure that job seekers have access to the tools and resources needed to obtain stable employment; and that employers are provided access to a pool of well trained and qualified candidates. 


Job announcements are regularly posted, along with updates on job fairs and hiring events throughout the East Bay.  In addition, the site organizes workforce news from a variety of sources on issues affecting the regional and national economy.  Included is the latest labor market data, updates on the Workforce Investment Act, workforce reports, and memos from the Employment Development Department and the Department of Labor. 


The website provides directories of agencies and schools providing employment services and job training in the East Bay.  This includes One-Stop Career Centers, community colleges, vocational schools and certificate programs. 

Special Populations

The site provides extensive resources and support for populations with barriers to employment.  This includes veterans, formerly incarcerated, at-risk youth, English-language learners, low-skilled, seniors, and the disabled. 


This website is edited by Dennis Rojas and Latasha Grider.  Mr. Rojas is a workforce consultant with over 15 years of experience in education and workforce development. Ms. Latasha Grider  with years of experience working in public administration and workforce development. Both consultants welcome any feedback about the site and are open to posting items from the request of others.

To contact Dennis Rojas: dennis.m.rojas@gmail.com 

To contact Latasha Grider: eastbayjobdev.lgrider@gmail.com





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